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No need to worry about data bundles – Yomojo has you covered now

Yomojo has me covered and I am thankful for such as well. Their 4G packages are lifesaving and helped ease my worries ever since I endured a financial crunch following a mix up in home insurance. I once used Telstra but I found Yomojo to be more competitive and feasible: The price at which they gave me the 4G connection is the same price Telstra gave me a 3G connection. Yomojo promo codes are some of the best things to happen as well. Read more about Yomojo 4G.

Australia may be an Island far away from the likes of Asia, Europe and the Americas but the country boasts a great infrastructure when it comes to information, technology & communications. Telstra has been leading the nation in terms of networks and packages but the deals at Yomojo have brought the competition to a whole new level in Australia.

My housing insurance plan crashed due to some operational mishap and it drained out my finances, to an extent I had to shelve my Telstra connection and get the financial matters fixed out. When I checked my bills, I couldn’t’ believe my eyes over how much I also lost in Telstra and how much I was paying for a connection that was not only expensive but also not worth the bucks!

I switched to Yomojo a month after settling down the insurance issue as well as shedding off Telstra and I am more than amazed with it. I only pay approximately AUD$ 50 per month for 10GB 4G package that has the best connectivity and the best per MB price as well. Not only am back in touch with my business contacts but also have been able to be in touch with my son who is currently pursuing his advanced medicine degree in the United States of America as well as with my brother in Christchurch.

The browsing speeds are also among the best and I’ve helped my wife and daughter switch to Yomojo as well with their respective plans lying in 7GB and 10GB respectively. I am forever thankful to Yomojo for helping me escape the mobile financial crunch and enter a world of agile mobile services.

Thank you Yomojo!

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