RF Online Game Review

RF Online is the most awesome and exciting MMORPGs that I have ever played. RF or Rising Force Online is a massively multiplayer online Action role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by South Korea for Windows-based PCs, that is a blend of classic science fiction and fantasy. The story of the game requires the distant realm of Novus. It centers on the gripping three-way conflict among three races namely the Bellato Federation, Accrecia and Cora in a very beautifully rendered 3D environment.

About The Characters

The Bellato race are dwarf-sized but is able to wield magic, swords, staves, guns, bows and technologically advanced weapons just like the MAU or Massive Armor Unit. What I loved regarding the Bellato is the capacity to ride the MAU. A MAU has become a robot that could simply be piloted by way of a Bellato. There are two types of MAUs accessible in the overall game. One is Goliath, that is a MAU masters in melee attacks. The other is Catapult, which has a long range attack capability. A MAU includes a high maintenance as it cannot be healed and its life can basically be recharged in a Bellato NPC shop at an expensive price. However, they’re able to destroy other races with just a number of attacks and they are generally effective tanks in battle.
On another hand, the Cora are elf-like creatures who possess strong affinity with nature. Although they’re able to wield staves, swords, guns and bows, these are far better using magic. They also have the power to summon an Animus to aid them in battle. I am not a great deal of fan of your magic wielding character but a robust Cora mage with a summoned Animus can destroy a MAU given the correct strategy.

The third would be the Accretia, who will be technologically advanced race who replaced their entire body with cybernetic parts. They are able to hold swords, bows, guns and launchers. Although they don’t have the capability to ride the MAU like the Bellato or summon an Animus just like the Cora, the Accretian gunners are forces to become reckoned with. Accretian gunners with powerful launchers usually takes on other players with just one or two hits and they can take out a MAU from the distance.


Leveling is achieved by killing monsters and skills are put together by using certain types of weapons or attacks. Equipping special armors or weapons also increase the status of the character.
There are lots of jobs designed for each character based on their race. The different jobs offer various skills which can be unique together like invisibility, special melee attacks, special long range attacks, capability to ride the MAU or summon an Animus.
Another distinct feature of the game will be the election associated with an archon weekly and council members that happen to be responsible in protecting the race. Each player elected is granted special abilities that vary from increase in status points to increase in attack or defense.
In addition, each race has their respective currencies that could just be found in each race’s NPC. This somehow limits greatly the progress of other players who continue switching races since they have to start over again whenever they do.
Every certain time with the day, all races gather in a very map to participate in in the Chip Wars led by each race’s archon. The result from the war determines which race has the right to mine for resources that may be used to fabricate special items and equipments. It determines the race who’ll have complete control within the Holystone Keeper too, which will be the guardian from the mines. The race who wins the war also receives race buffs, increasing the race’s attack and defense, which gives it supremacy for the certain period. The loser turns into a debuff or decline in status and will not be capable of operate inside the mines.
Opposing races can attack each other at any time. However, players of the same race can’t attack one another unless they have a Chaos Potion or these are in a Guild Scramble, the industry guild vs. guild match.


I find mafia wars addicting and fun because from the full customization available for each character and also the unpredictability of battles caused by its player kill or PK system. The PK system keeps you awake if you are just leveling on regular monsters because any race can just invade your field and attack you. The only safe home to keep are at the bottom of each race where invaders can’t attack you. The leveling system and character status customization are unique. The politics involved within the election associated with an archon or council is also a good reason for the overall game since it adds some realism to its world. On top of that, the Chip Wars are breathtaking! Going into a Chip War is similar to commencing some sort of war wherein exactly the strong survives. Although the availability of an nuclear arsenal turns the tide inside a blink of an eye through the war, it’s still great and thrilling because you just never know